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Glass grinding is the basic and most common process, it is characterized by the removal of unevenness and sharpness of the processed edges of the form (Grinding or C-edge). It consists in an extremely careful finish of the edge, which is not only an aesthetic effect, but also ensures safety for the user during direct contact with the glass.

The shape of the cuts comes in two forms, it can be straight with slightly bevelled edges of a trapezoidal shape (the most common option) or on the so-called pencil – round cut shape, similar to the letter C. The edge of the mat can be polished or matte.

Technical parameters of ground forms: glass thickness: 3mm – 19mm; minimum glass size: 50mm x 50mm; maximum glass size: 4000mm x 3000mm; maximum size of the cut: 4mm

In the process of cutting glass, there is a possibility of microcracks on the edge of the cut forms, in order to minimize the resulting risk of cracking under the influence of internal stresses, the glass is ground. Grinding performs two basic functions, increasing safety and improving the visual aspects.

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